The Edge Control Solution

The Edge Control Solution

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Edge Control Solution (Optional)

The purpose of the control solution test is to validate the performance of the EDGE Lactate Meter by using a testing solution with a known lactate range. A control solution test that falls within the acceptable range indicates the user's technique is appropriate and both the Meter and Test Strip are functioning properly together.

When to Perform Quality Control Testing

  • Upon using the meter for the first time, before performing a blood lactate test.
  • Upon opening a new package of EDGE lactate test strips.
  • If it is suspected that the EDGE lactate meter or test strips are not working properly.
  • When the test strips have been exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • If the meter has been dropped.
  • To verify the accuracy of the monitor.
  • To practice the test procedure.

Control Solution Instructions

  • The acceptable range for the control solution is listed on each package of test strips.
  • The printed control solution range is valid only for the EDGE brand of Lactate Control Solution.
  • Always check the expiration date. DO NOT use the control solution if it has expired.
  • Newly-opened bottles of control solution must be marked with the date opened; discard any unused control solution after the expiration date or three months after it has been opened, whichever is sooner.
  • The control solution should be refrigerated after use. DO NOT FREEZE. When the control solution is to be used again, allow it to stand at room temperature for at least 30 minutes prior to use.
  • DO NOT touch the tip of the control solution bottle to the test strip.
  • DO NOT apply a second drop of control solution to the test strip.
  • Replace the cap on the control solution bottle immediately after use.