The Stick


The Stick is de ultieme sport-massage roller om het herstel van je spieren op gang te brengen na een sport inspanning. The Stick is afkomstig uit de USA en wordt ook wel de ‘tandenborstel voor de spieren' genoemd.

Enkele voordelen van The Stick op een rij:

  • Versnelt de hersteltijd
  • Vermindert zere, stijve en pijnlijke spieren
  • Stimuleert de doorbloeding
  • Makkelijk in gebruik (iedereen kan het gebruiken)
  • Werkt snel en efficiënt
  • Is een eenmalige aanschaf met een lange levensduur
  • Kan voor iedere fysieke sport worden toegepast
  • De intensiteit en duur van de massage kan op individuele basis worden bepaald
  • Kan direct op de huid òf door lichte kleding heen worden toegepast.
  • Diverse modellen voor verschillende lichaamstypes en sporten

Approved by the US Olympiuc Committee Sports Medicine Division and USA Track & Field

"The Stick is used as a training tool by athletes at the US Olympic Training Centers in Colorado Springs, CO, Lake Placid, NY, Marquette, MI, and Chula Vista, CA."

Statement approved by the US Olympic Committee

Sports Medicine Division

July, 2004

The Stick has become a standard training device at each level of every sport.  Pre-activity stretching of muscle, without hyper-extending the joint, is a benefit beyond measure in certain sports.  Post-activity use of the Stick enhances and accelerates muscle recovery, which leads to elevation of performance.  Professionals report that strength , flexibility, and endurance occur naturally with release of the myofascia and inactivation of offending trigger points. 

The Footwheel

You can manage tired, achy feet in seconds. Use standing or sitting but works best standing. The Foot Wheel is less than 5" long. One size fits all. It's made of nylon and steel - but only weighs 5 oz. The footWheel is a simple and effortless solution for the management of Plantar Fasciitis

  • Works best while standing – place FootWheel on carpet – weight on opposite foot.
  • The amount of pressure is always determined by the user.
  • Use the wheel to search and find myofasical trigger points … these areas may be tight, knotty, ropy or tender.
  • After locating the tender trigger point, continue the rolling process for about 30 seconds. Be Gentle!
  • Move slow & gentle with specific strokes – search & find useful pain, not “ouch” pain.
  • Chronic trigger points may initially require several 30 second sessions per day.
  • Your goal is a healthy muscle that is free of pain, tightness or tenderness
The Stick

The Travel Stick

De travel stick hét model massage stick om onderweg mee te nemen.

De Travel Stick is het op 1 na kleinste model, met een lengte van maar 42 centimer is deze massage stick makkelijk mee te nemen. De travel stick is vrij flexibel en het meest geschikt voor gebruik op de kuiten. Vanwege de flexibiliteit kan deze massage stick kan het beste gebruikt worden indien men niet al te diep wil masseren.

The Travel Stick has been popularized by the USA Cycling Team . . . It is a favorite model for many athletes during travel . . . Like all the small models, the Travel Stick is more suited for the lower legs.

The Stick

The Marathon Stick


The Marathon Stick has flexiblility that suits all muscle groups of the body: neck, shoulder, back, leg, calf, hams etc. The Marathon encourages good blood flow.
The Stick

The Sprinter Stick

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The Sprinter Stick is the firmest of the short Sticks, thereby making it the most versatile of the short Sticks.

A light to deep massage is controlled by the pressure of the user. Primarily used on legs. A favorite for athletes "on the road" as it perfectly fits in most bags.

Sprinter stick voor de sporter met compactere spieren.

De sprinter stick is het model waar je dieper mee kan masseren en is daardoor vaak gebruikt door sporters met wat compactere spieren. De lengte van de sprinter stick is 48 cm en daardoor is hij goed te gebruiken op zowel de onder als bovenbenen.

The Stick

The Body Stick

The Body Stick is ideal for weekend warriors and athletes. At 24'' (60cm), its reinforced core provides a penetrating massage that encourages good blood flow.
The Stick

The Hybrid Stick

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Hybrid Stick features multiple massaging spindles and a unique center wheel to roll knots out of muscle and stimulate the senses.

The Hybrid Stick provides highly effective relief for fatigued soft tissues and painful trigger points. 12 standard spindles warm and loosen target muscles Deeper, well-localized trigger points respond favorably with the use of the center wheel Flexible structure designed to bow without the fear of breaking 23" length ideal for full-body use Desirable pressure easily controlled by user Self-treatment with the Hybrid Stick is comparable to massage, myofascial release and trigger point therapy. Use this tool to warm up muscles, increase flexibility, and decrease muscle tension and pain.