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Aquaman Cell Gold 40

Outlet Triathlonshop - 25 %


Aquaman Cell Gold– Almost Zero Water Retention

The entire wetsuit is made using Yamamoto GIGA # 40 neoprene with SCS all over the suit on the inside and outside. (Excluding the inside of the shoulder and arms for maximum flexibility.)

GIGA # 40 neoprene is extremely flexible and supple giving the wetsuit even more comfort and flexibility when you swim. The inside shoulders and arms are made with the Ultra flexibility textile for maximum range of motion.

The Metal Cell technology like previous Metal Cell models from Aquaman has SCS incorporated in the neoprene to make it slick in the water and to allow very fast removal of the wetsuit in transition. With the Metal Cell technology, which doesn’t allow extra water in the suit, will help you stay warmer and swim faster since you will carry less water in the wetsuit.

A truly lighter, warmer second skin, the Aquaman Cell Gold wetsuit is rocking the world of Triathlon. We have succeeded in rendering a high performing wetsuit currently unmatched on the Market. We are talking about a breakthrough in the Technology of Wetsuit manufacturing.

The Metal Cell used by Aquaman insures a better swim time. To improve warmth and lightness of the wetsuit, these two being the most critical to wetsuit performance, the ideal is to offer direct neoprene to skin contact instead of skin to textile contact. The ideal suit-to-skin wetsuit design has been difficult to achieve until now, Aquaman introduced a new and improved neoprene laminated textile.

The side against the skin is a thin slice of neoprene called Metal Cell cut at 0.5mm and treated with SCS to facilitate sliding on and off the Wetsuit; the Metal Cell is then glued to the textile already laminated to the exterior of the neoprene. The textile is no longer visible, but still there as it holds seams together. Sandwiched between the two layers of neoprene, the textile is no longer in direct contact with the water. Water absorption therefore becomes practically non-existent, while the warm factor is maximized since your body will have less water to heat.

Neoprene Thicknesses:

 1.5 – 2mm Sleeves/Shoulders 3 - 3.5mm Shoulder Blades 4.5 – 5mm Chest and Legs


Flash System Lower Collar Design Express Opening System Friction Free Collar Flexible Zipper Arm Propeller Flexor Ultra Flex Wrists Gender Specific Sizes

Express Openning System Friction Free Collar

Le système de fermeture du Triathlète, il se ferme vers le bas et s'ouvre en tirant vers le haut, il est très rapied à enlever, et se bloque pendant la nage.

Le col des combinaisons Aquaman est tout simplement étudiée pour coller à la peau, ne pas gêner ni irriter le cou (absence totale de couture sur la peau)
Flexible Zip Ergo Shouler

La fermeture montée souple s'étire en même temps que le corps, ce qui procure un confort incomparable dans le dos, les épaules et le coup.

Aquaman a réussi à envelopper l'épaule du nageur en une seule pièce pour limiter le nombre de coutures, et obtenir une incroyable souplesse.
The Cut Giga 40

Aquaman fabrique des combinaison en néoprène depuis 34 ans.  Cette expérience permet de concevoir les meilleures coupes du marché.

Arm Propeller Flexor

Ce néoprène profilé situé sous l'avant bras accroche l'eau lors de la phase propulsive.

Pour accentuer encore plus le confort dans le dos, le flexor est une pièce placée dans le prolongement de la fermeture dans le bas du dos.
Pre - Shapped - Arms Behind the Knees

C'est au moment ou le nageur plie le bras que la phase de propulsion est la plus importante ; nos manches sont désormais préformées pour un minimum de restriction pendant cet effort.

Il faut souvent courir en combinaison sur plusieurs mèetres avant d'atteindre son vélo. La combinaison Aquaman triathlon est pourvue d'un empiècement placé derrière le genoux pour faciliter la course.




Aquaman Bioniek Men 39/40 - 2013/14 wetsuit

Outlet Triathlonshop - 25 %


  • Wetsuit voor heren.
  • Unieke wetsuit voor 85 % uit neopreen  39
  • De armen schoudergordel en nek zijn uit neopreen GIGA 40

Made with Yamamoto # 39 on the body and GIGA # 40 on the shoulders and neck for extra flexibility. The neoprene is treated with SCS on the entire wetsuit.

Other Features :

  • Flash System
  • Lower Collar Design
  • Express Opening System
  • Friction Free Collar
  • Flexible Zipper
  • Arm Propeller
  • Flexor
  • Ultra Flex Wrists
  • Gender Specific Sizes 
  • 1.5 – 2mm Sleeves/Shoulders
  • 3 - 3.5mm Shoulder Blades
  • 4.5 – 5mm Chest and Legs

Aquaman ADN Men

Outlet Triathlonshop - 30 %


New features include -
Hip Roll Control - Helps with hip stabilization with a panel of Compressed Dome Rubber from Yamamoto.

The DNA is anticipated excitingly by many triathletes who enjoy the pleasure of swimming in and Aquaman at a reasonable price. ADN is constructed of Yamamoto #39 with a number of technical innovations created by Aquaman. This very flexible and supple wetsuit is well liked by triathletes because it improves performance at a very reasonable price. Another feature is the Flash System on the back of the neck to prevent chafing and aide in the opening of the zipper. The suit is made with 17 panels to give a snug cut. The torso is made with #39 Yamamoto treated with SCS and Smoothskin neoprene on the upper legs, rear, and back. The shoulders are made with #39 neoprene and the Ultraflex textile on the inside to provide great flexibility. The forearms have the “Aero Design Propeller” to provide a better catch of the water during the pulling phase of the stroke. Like all Aquaman models, the zipper on the back opens from bottom to top.

Thickness: 4.5mm/3mm/2mm/1.5mm

Fabrication: Glue/ Thermoglue/ Stitching

pulsar lady_20160510000526

Aquaman Pulsar Ladies

Outlet Triathlonshop - 50 %



Aquaman Bionik Sleeveless

Outlet Triathlonshop - 25 %

Made of the Yamamoto # 39 with SCS all over the wetsuit. Unisex model.

Also has these great features:

  • Friction Free Collar
  • Lower Collar Design
  • Flexible Zipper
  • Unisex Sizing
  • 4.5 mm Chest and Legs